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​About Pilot

Pilot — No. 1 Brand Name of Materials Handling Equipment

The designer and manufacturer of Pilot products, Shie Lee Machinery, since its founding more than 60 years ago, has made enhancing the efficiency of materials handling as its objective and has been striving to forge a safe, advanced and environmentally friendly working condition for materials handling.

Pilot products include various types of manually-operated and electrically-driven materials handling equipment for use in factories, warehouses and supermarkets, etc. The products include pallet truck, electric pallet truck, pallet stacker, electric pallet stacker, lift truck, pallet scale truck, high lift pallet truck, driving motor, and materials stacking equipment with special specifications.

The producer of Pilot is the largest manufacturer of materials handling equipment in Taiwan and has accumulated rich technical skills and experience of quality service. Pilot products are of the first-rate and 70% of them are exported to various parts of the world, and their quality satisfies the CE requirements of the European Union.

Pilot products have received patents from different countries. Among them is the adjustable pallet truck, which is a breakthrough and revolutionary design in the materials handling equipment market in 60 years. The patent registration of this adjustable pallet truck design has been completed in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and Mainland China.

Pilot won awards of quality product designs from TAITRA in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Basing on the creativity in the past, Shie Lee Machinery in the future will develop products with even greater efficiency and provide service with higher additional value. We pledge to offer our clients —

◆ Professional design and manufacturing skills 

◆ First-rate quality with international standard

◆ Perfect quality after-sale service

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