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Powered Lift Table

Powered Lift Table

ELT2X-350D / ELTX-500 / 800

● Labor saving, safe, no pollution and low maintenance cost.

● Easy to handle and can also be operated by aged and female workers with ease.

● Size small, with a short movement radius and easy to move around in alleys and limited space.

● High speed, high loading capacity and high efficiency for transportation.

● Equipped with a mini computer that sets time, stabilizes voltage and electric current, and a device that prevents electricity connection so that power charging is more convenient and safer.

● Wheels are made of high quality PU materials; at starting there is less resistance; it moves around with ease, quietly and causes no harm to the floor.

● Options of adopting AC direct current motor or crane-style up-and- down switch.

● Trucks made of stainless steel are also offered for use at clean rooms and special venues.

● In addition, trucks which are exceptionally long, wide and low can be manufactured according to the needs of the customers.

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