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Powered Pallet Stacker

Powered Pallet Stacker

EKSL-10/ 15/ 18/ 20


● Can carry passengers, automatic, labor saving and easy to handle.

● No toxic gas and noise pollution.

● Safe, durable and high efficiency.

● The truck body is short, agile and suitable for use in alleys.

● With a device that cuts off electricity in case of emergency

to ensure safety of operation.

● Equipped with a mini computer that sets time, stabilizes

voltage and electric current, and a device that prevents

electricity connection so that power charging is more convenient

and safer.

● High quality driving engine, hydraulic components, continuously

variable transmission system are imported from Europe and the

United States.

● Equipped with a large-scale industrial battery imported in

original packaging to ensure lengthy operation of the truck.

● In addition, there are truck models specially for refrigerated

warehouses and clean rooms. We can also customize truck models.

● The model which allows raising of the bottom forks can lift two

one-sided paper pallets at the same time; time and labor saving.

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