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Pedal Pallet Truck

Pedal Pallet Truck

PTF-20/ 30/ 15/ 10/ 08

● New and aesthetic handle-design.

● Dual operation,handle or foot pump.

● With facilities that provide lifting, positioning and lowering functions, enabling users to operate in the most appropriate way to give full display to performance.

● With a powerful and durable system of hydraulic.

● With a design on the loop of the hydraulic that can produce a cushioning effect, lowering of speed can be adjusted with ease.

● Machining is carried out with CNC machinery so that it is precise and the quality of stable.

● With a design that makes the fork pallet exceptionally strong and bearable to heavy weight-the fork pallet is a complete piece forged by punching which prevents breaking along welding seams, and distortion or twisting to the piece.

● Equipped with ductile cast iron which is unbreakable and has the self-lubricating effect at the rotary axis.

● Equipped with high quality PU bogies-the bogies and the rotary wheels are made with high quality PU materials; when the loaded truck starts, there is a minimum resistance, and it moves around easily and quietly and does not cause damage to the floor.

● With a design of tandem load wheels which is in common use in Europe and suits uses in carrying heavy weight and on rugged roads.



● We offer special specifications
    Overall Width: 300mm ~ 1000mm
    Fork Length: 600mm ~ 3000mm
    Lowered Height: 35, 45, 55, 65, 76, 80mm
● Foot pump lifts load faster than standard handle design.
● Specially designed for Vendor Machines, Paper Pallet, Roll and use in Grand Marts.


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