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High Lift Pallet Truck

High Lift Pallet Truck

NHL-10M / 10L


● Safe design.

● With facilities that provide lifting, positioning and lowering functions, enabling users to operate in the most appropriate way to give full display to performance.

● With a powerful and durable system of hydraulic.

● With a special design on the oil route and oil seal.

● With a design on the loop of the hydraulic that can produce a cushioning effect.

● Lowering of speed can be adjusted with ease and it is safe to handle.

● Machining is carried out with CNC machinery so that it is precise and the quality is stable.



● Light and handy, labor saving and durable.
● Transportation and stacking can be completed in one act, hence enhancing efficiency.
● Combing the merits of Pallet Truck and Pallet Stacker, putting two in one.
● Has received patents in various countries and action will be taken against copying.

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