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Pallet Scale Truck

Pallet Scale Truck

PTS-20M / 20L


● Weighing directly the goods when entering or leaving the warehouse so that the operation time is shortened; it can be used for ordinary paper pallets and warehouse cages.

● Movement and weighing of goods on the production line can be completed at one time; its use is simple and easy.

● The four sets of precise electronic load cell sensors can provide high precision measurement, with the margin of error being 1/2,000 F.S.

● The source of power is the recharged battery which lasts for more than 48 hours.

● The model of the indicator

--Dust and water resistant panel-style cover (IP65)

--Six-digit, red LED tube indicator, and the reading is clear and legible

--Ten times/seconds high A/D conversion rate, and weight indicator is fast and steady

--High resolution: internal 40,000 graduations, external 10,000 graduations

--With weight summation function

--With RFI/EMI anti-interference function

--Power source: DC 9V, with an external 10AH battery charger that can last for 48 hours

--Optional equipment: RS-232 output/interface

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